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Characteritsics of the Google earth

October 22, 2013 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how does earth look? Well now you could see the earth in the form of a virtual globe which provides you relevant information on geography. Well it is important to mention abut Google Earth. Google has used robust technology to get the replica of the earth by simply copying that from the aerial photographs, satellite images and geographical information system. However, you should know that it also comprises of some important features: Let us go through that in brief:

Incorporating Panoramio and Wikipedia:

You should see that Google came with a new concept called the Geographic web. This has used the panaramio as well as Wikipedia in an elaborative way. In the Wikipedia, community layers have been entered which actually introduce more relevant coordinates at the same time, the flexibility of the languages are also given preference. Thus, you could say that the Wikipedia is in the category of the more layers while the panaromia is in the main layer category.

Enabling clear sight of the street:

The Google earth has also infused one of the latest top notch technologies called street view. This actually enables user to get panoramic view of the street which shows certain other aspects it lets you view out the specified cities along with adjacent locations. The best thing is that it offers you to observe the place with Google 360 degree view.

Observing ocean and water:

Later, on Google Earth version 5.0 has also introduced one of the revolutionary features that are the Google Ocean which is no doubt a cutting edge concept. This actually enables the user to view the ocean surface that too in a zoom mode. In addition to this, it even allows you to view the third dimensional view of the layers underneath the waves. Here you would get some important information from the potential oceanographers as well as prominent geographers.

Viewing the sky:

You should know that the Google Earth version 4.2 actually introduced one of the best features called Google sky. Well the result is an amalgamation of Google with space Telescope Science Institute. This actually makes you garner information regarding the celestial bodies as well as the stars. Moreover, you would be able to see the animated versions of the planets moving in their orbits as well as the galaxies. Hope this would definitely serve as an important source of knowledge.

Hope you are quite satisfied with the above mentioned features of the Google Earth .In order to know more on this, you should definitely start using it.

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