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Be Social, Go Local

January 26, 2013 1 Comment

Social Media Marketing
Think global act local.

It maybe an old adage in marketing but it is as applicable today as a newly minted coin.

Does social media marketing truly need to go local?

The answer is a very big YES.

For all the very big brands with very big commercial stores, study shows this new year will be all about locality. It will all be about bonding and developing a sense of belonging. So ho hum. Get set and start reaching out to people locally.

The world has sure become social and that very prosocial audience make the majority of any spender today. Thus it is no rocket science that content creators need to be relevant enough to let people identify with them and in the same time be absolutely grounded in the local culture.

So why this topic in a social media marketing blog?

Because we reach the most number of localities and brands might as well accept it. Since the first post was about Content Marketing this one simply makes sure we do not make any mistakes doing just that.

Lets get down to the field.

Localisation is at the heart of any strategy.

Be it a Facebook page for a brand for their fans in Uruguay or the Twitter handle for a brand’s audience in Singapore, the only way you can keep customers loyal is by telling them what is relevant to them.

Here is the social media strategy of Makemytrip right from their head of marketing. Its all about being local.

With the highly effective geo tracking tools available, now identifying and grouping your customers is just a click away. So start grouping your Twitter followers and Facebook fans. Connect with other social brands in that locality to drive maximum awareness of your brand and make it as highly relevant as possible.

Localise a Facebook page but do not forget to unify it under one corporate name. You could always have tabs customised to cater to one particular country.

In fact Facebook gives you the option to display a post only to a certain group of readers.

It’s definitely a good idea to group people according to a locality and target only them. An earthquake in Japan may not take as much precedence in Ukraine. It pays to invest in localising, yet globalising your social media.

Some of the things that need to be kept in mind while structuring a social media strategy in a local market are as follows

  • Language differences
  • Difference in the tradition and culture of a particular place
  • Deliberate differences in messaging / tone of voice
  • Differences in promotional activity, as different news affect places differently
  • Differences in social media platform usage from place to place
  • Is sufficient resource available to maintain more than one presence?

One of the best examples of localised social media marketing is undertaken by One of the most successful online portals for travel booking, they sure give a zing to the local flavour and always keep their offers and communication attuned to the local mindset to get the maximum number of engagement in Social media and some very effective feedback from the locality.

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  • JD

    Very useful article especially in the Indian context where customers are quite diverse.