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Case Study in Graph Database in Context of Neo4j Cypher Query

May 22, 2013 4 Comments

We have presented here a typical case study related to graph database model.

Previously we have written Preliminary concepts in Graph Database.

In this post, we will try to describe a Case Study for a typical Graph Database Model and show the Diagrammatic representation.

Case Study for Graph Database -

Nodes -

Entity – User (Represented as Node)

Entity - Organisation (Represented as Node)

Entity – Project (Represented as Node)

Entity – Skill (Represented as Node)

Relationships -

User worked in Organisation. – (Relationship – worked)

User is following Oganisation – (Relationship – following)

User has done Projects – (Relationship – has done)

User has Skills - (Relationship – has)

User is Friend of User – (Relation - is Friend)

Diagrammatic Model for Graph Database Representation -

Graph Database Model

In next Post we described Neo4j Cypher Query to represent the above model.

So keep visiting. Comments are welcome.

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