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Content Marketing and it’s importance in Social Media Presence

February 22, 2013 0 Comments

Content Marketing and it’s importance in Social Media Presence

With majority of companies integrating social media in their marketing strategies, the biggest playing field today in content marketing sure has something to say. Of course there are the numerous methods in promoting a brand but when it comes to Social Media, marketers all over the world have realised that content is the absolute king.

The very skeleton of any social media marketing strategy is its implicit content. It defines your campaign.

The very first thing to keep in mind is the emerging trends and practices. Audience will always gravitate towards what is”happening”. And there are lots that are happening. From blogs to Social networks to video channels, every one of them has a say, except that now you can filter what you want to hear. Thus brands would like to be in the exclusive list and not filtered out.

Content is the key to the A list of social media today.

This is a good time to remember that Social Media is instant. You don’t have a window of contemplation. There is no waiting for the right call. There are 1 million views in one week.

What drives your audience?

Of course, again, your very thought out and relevant content.

With posts such as the Chief Content Officer and Content director looming into the lives of the social media evangelists all over the world, it is time to think very carefully about the words that you put forward to the millions of people logging into their various online diaries.

Maybe this statement has become a cliché but the mantra for all content is original and effective. You want to be up to date and make your content a powerful tool. Except now, it is not one line from a copywriter thought over a month. It is regular interaction and an every 3 hour update.

An important part of content marketing to come is by leveraging visual content. Video is huge. It is predicted to be the most viewed media in the coming years online. So lets just trust the predictions for once and jump onto the visual bandwagon. From info graphics to slides to animation to films about pandas, visual communication is the definite king in the content chessboard.

And while you are at it make sure the content that you put is for “web only” and not an online replica of your print magazine. Print content format does not work for the web. It is time the difference of the two media is respected and treated as different.

We are all about Facebook shares and Twitter feeds. But there needs to be a structured message behind every feed. And of course it needs to be RELEVANT.

How many times have you skipped a news article just because you don’t care?

This is a generation that has turned not caring into a honed art. They need to be told what they want to hear. Otherwise the brand has no relevance.

The world is still figuring out social media. It is a brand new maze. Yet your brand has to be in it. It is time to do it right, starting with some relevant, effective, timely and of course original content.

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