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winkfameRecently we have launched a social networking platform Here we are trying to build the platform to Connect Future Friends, Partners and Collaborators – who do not know each other today, but have one or more common interests. We require that the parties see or meet each other (in physical space, not cyberspace) to establish mutual chemistry, before they connect to each other on our Social Network.

Functional Introduction –

Our aim here is to make –



We are connecting people who are physically nearby at that given moment in time, perceive some initial mutual chemistry and/or a declared common interest with each other – all even before they connect.

With Wink, we are trying to connect people through describe & search on WinkFAME and get connected.

On the other hand, the Fame may be described as –

As international business people, we have had to spend a lot of boring downtime in airports on every continent waiting for connecting flights, with nothing to do but play with our smartphones, tablets or laptops. We thought airports and such public places are actually brilliant spots to meet up with interesting new people. But frequently, we couldn’t. In most cultures, just going up to a complete stranger seated nearby and starting to talk to them is less than acceptable. And in any case such a stranger may simply not be interested in that in which we are interested.

So we decided to launch this new Social Network format ourselves. Here people can talk in winkfame on basis of common interests.

Now a bit of technical side.

The site is primarily built with PHP OOP without any framework in server side and a lot use of JQuery in Client side.

The data repository is completely in NoSql.

For main data repository, we have used mongodb.

Also we have used redis for data caching.

For server side testing we have used phpunit for the work.

Other engineering parts are there for the site which are evolving regularly in our development. is currently in beta.

We are watching user behavior with analytic tools.

Within next few months we will deploy the platform in distributed architecture.
We ask our readers to use the platform and give us feedback.

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