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Liferay Portal – Practical Introduction – Updated for Liferay 6.1

February 20, 2013 0 Comments


Though I am working in Open Souce Technologies for last 7-8 years, Development with Liferay Protal is relatively new to us.

What we see from our little experience in Liferay, (working with version 6.1),  it is a portal development framework with Web Content Management – Content Management System and also having a framework to develop and extend any complex web application within Portlet based environment. Currently it is supporting JSR-286 specification of Portlet.

Useful default features of Liferay with portlets are as follows -

A> Web Content Mangaement

B> Creation of Discussion Boards and Liferoay forums

C> Wiki

D> Document Publising Workflow

E> Shared Calendars and defining events

F> Liferay social office integration

We will share our thoughts of development with different sections of Liferay Portal with workable examples in different posts.

The sections will cover -

See above for our different posts.

Also you can make wishlist in comment section about any different topic in liferay which is important.

Update : We have updated parts of the series for Liferay 6.1 Portal, also we are planning to update others. So keep reading and comment on wishlist of topics.

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