MySql to MongoDB conversion – A Quick Approach In our  work we had a need to convert dataset from MySql to MongoDB. Below is the quick coding for this conversion.

university assignments custom orders We should use some framework approach to convert data from RDBMS to NoSql. So there are ways of optimisation for the below code. But as we have used JDBC and Java-MongoDB Api here within same class, we thought to share the code. business development strategic planning Two main objectives to show the code are – source site 1> How should we approach for conversion to MongoDB from a traditional RDBMS Header-Detail table relationship. 2> How can we save nested documents in collection of MongoDB. So below is the coding with required minimal Documentation.

buy dissertation papers public static void getmySqlData() { //Connection, Statement and ResultSet declaration for JDBC requirement of MySql Tables. Connection con = null; Statement st = null; ResultSet rs = null; Statement st1 = null; ResultSet rs1 = null; String url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/fao"; //Mysql Database URL String user = "root"; // DB User Name String password = ""; // DB Password try { //MongoDb Code MongoClient mongo = new MongoClient("localhost", 27017); //MongoDb Initialisation DB db = mongo.getDB("faodb"); // Selecting the DB (Either Get DB or Create DB) DBCollection seeds = db.getCollection("seeds"); // Collection Creation in MongoDB //MySql Code con = DriverManager.getConnection(url, user, password); st = con.createStatement(); rs = st.executeQuery("SELECT a.categoryid, from assetcategory a, assetcategoryproperty b "+ " where a.categoryid = b.categoryid and " + " b.value = 'SeedParent' "); //Selection of dataset via SQL (Header Table) while ( { BasicDBObject document = new BasicDBObject(); // MongoDB Document Creation document.put("id", rs.getLong("categoryid")); document.put("seedname", rs.getString("name")); System.out.println(rs.getLong("categoryid") + " " + rs.getString("name")); st1 = con.createStatement(); rs1 = st1.executeQuery("SELECT * from fao_price where lf_cat_id = "+ rs.getLong("categoryid") +" and m_year = 2013 and price <> 0.0 order by m_date "); // Record Selection for Detail Table Dataset int i = 0; ArrayList arrBDB = new ArrayList(); while ( { i++; System.out.println("Price is " + rs1.getFloat("price")); BasicDBObject document1 = new BasicDBObject(); document1.put("id", rs1.getLong("lf_cat_id")); document1.put("mdate", rs1.getDate("m_date")); document1.put("mmonth", rs1.getInt("m_month")); document1.put("price", rs1.getFloat("price")); arrBDB.add(document1); // Put the detail table records in Arraylist of MongoDB Document } document.put("seedprice", arrBDB); // Insert Nested Documents in MongoDB seeds.insert(document); } } catch (Exception ex) { // Exception Handling ex.printStackTrace(); } finally { try { if (rs != null) { rs.close(); } if (st != null) { st.close(); } if (con != null) { con.close(); } } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } } }

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