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The Social Influencer

January 24, 2013 0 Comments

Well, the image above is extremely self explanatory and gives a very good break up of the range of influencers that inhabit the social media.

What really needs to be assessed is how important are they?

With millions of people logging in every second to the social media sites worldwide, it is quite obvious that the trends that they follow is definitely influenced. Today you have awards for the best social media celebrity, simple because the whole aspect of affecting people’s lives has taken a very online turn. Thus it is suffive to say that social media influencers rank extremely high in social ladder.

We may have already classified our influences quite effectively.

What the brand must do is identify them.

It may be the most incongruous geek who have the highest score in a game where you want to advertise to reach the youth or she can be the housewife with a blog about the kichen instances. The main job is to track the online conversations, identify the people who are setting the trends and target.

The next step is to Engage with the identified influencers as people and not as prospects.

The main reason why they are influencers is because they connect with the audience. Now it is your turn to treat them as people with preferences and approach them in helping you out. Always identify influencers who are pro your brand and will advocate it. Give them a product that they will proudly like, tweet, share and blog about. Influencers today are key to your online success.

It is about time marketers figure out some of the keys to online success. One is definitely acknowledging the influencers. They are the sole beings that make digital a credible and believable world. And today they are one of the drivers to your brands online success.

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